Abbas Oğlu Sweets

Authentic Work Experience

Welcome to Abbasoğlu Sweets where you can taste the authentic Damascene flavors made from pure natural ingredients from Anatolia to produce the finest and most authentic sweets.

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sweet shop near me

Welcome to Abbas Oğlu Sweets

Authentic Work Experience

Abbasoğlu was founded more than 25 years ago. The company has succeeded in becoming a leading company in production of Middle Eastern sweets along with other long-standing confectionery companies in Damascus. The company’s headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey.


We have more than 25 years of experience in producing a variety of exquisite traditional and new gourmet sweets to meet your fine taste.

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Products Categories

All our products are made with the best raw materials and authentic Arabic ghee (Samneh). You are most welcome to come and taste our products by visiting us at one of our branches or ordering directly from the website.

Assorted Baklava

Baklava types are made from both Turkish and Syrian dough chips and nuts.

Original Cookies

Ma`amoul (pistachio, dates, apricot, fig), Ghraibeh, Baraz`e and Bitefore of all kinds

Raha Categories

Luxury Raha with all its delicious flavors and distinctive shapes and in different sizes.

Kishta Categories

One of the favorite desserts and cream is one of the main ingredients.

Kunafa Categories

These are made mainly from kunafa like (Nightingale`s nest, Ballorieh).

Al-Manasif of all kinds and Kibbeh in all varieties..

Most Ordered Products

A Unique Taste Worth Trying

With a long-standing experience and dedication to choosing the finest raw materials. We strive to make our products a leading brand and a taste so you can enjoy each morsel.